Corfu – Lake of Κοrιssiwn

The Municipality of Corfu is a municipality of the Ionian Islands including Corfu and the Diapontia islands. It was created with the Program Kallikratis by the union of Kapodistrian Municipalities of Corfu, Thinaliou, Palaiokastriton, Parelion, Corfu, Lefkimmeon, Kassopaion, vesper, Achilles, St. George, and Meliteieon Korission and the communities of Ereikousa, Mathraki and Otto. The extent of the new municipality is 613.63 km ² and its population 109,537 inhabitants according to the 2001 census. Base of the Municipality is Corfu. The Municipality of Corfu occupied throughout the island that lies in the northern Ionian opposite coasts of Epirus. It is one of the most beautiful islands of our country with picturesque landscapes, greenery and endless beaches.

Zagori – National Park of Northern Pindos

The municipality of Zagori includes the region located north of Ioannina, the back side of the Mount Tsigkeli (1,810 m) and contains 44 villages. The name arises from its position, za-gora meaning: place behind the mountain. To the west it borders with the Konitsa, with which are connected through the massif Timfi or Gamila, the northern borders are determined by the flow of the river Aoos, whereas to the east it borders with the areas of Metsovo and Peristeri.


Park The "COSTA OTRANTO - SANTA MARIA DI LEUCA E BOSCO DI TRICASE" is a regional park, which was established in Apulia on 26 October 2006. From July 29 2008, the operation of the Park was taken by the Administration Body (Head of this Act) established in Andrano. The park was created with the dual aim to protect the unique natural heritage of the area, with high scientific and cultural value, and to capitalize the region by applying a model of environmentally sustainable development to ensure the protection of biodiversity, and to promote local economy.



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